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Police charge woman with murder in husband's death

Police in Hudson have charged a woman with murdering her husband Monday.

Officers said they were called to 302 Kristin Lane after receiving a stabbing call. When they arrived at the home they found 58-year-old William Harris outside with a stab wound to his chest.

He was pronounced dead.

Police arrested his wife, 54-year-old Donna Harris, and charged her with murder. She is being held at the Caldwell County Detention Center under no bond and will appear in court Wednesday.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Hudson Police Department with investigating the case.

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:42:05 -0400

NYPD attempts to start a viral hashtag; things do not go well

This is not what the NYPD had in mind.

A request by the New York City Police Department has backfired in a very public way.

On Tuesday, the offical @NYPDNews account sent a Tweet asking that users share photos of themselves with NYPD officers, saying it might feature the photographs on its Facebook page.

Instead, the suggested hashtag of #myNYPD was quickly hijacked by photos of police brutality.

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Individuals and groups like Occupy Wall Street NYC started tweeting  photos like these:

Other photos included an elderly man bloodied after being arrested for jaywalking.

Some respondents did send in the type of police-friendly photographs officials were hoping to get.

But most of the photos were more like this:

NYPD spokeswoman Kim Royster says the uncensored and open dialogue was good for the city, however one Twitter user may have summed up all of the #fail best with this tweet:

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:34:15 -0400

Car parts company to bring more than 200 jobs to Catawba Co.

A car parts company expects to bring almost 230 new jobs to Catawba County.

County commissioners passed an economic development deal with GKN Driveline Monday night.

The company plans to invest $122 million in its facility in Newton.

Workers can expect to make an average of more than $36,000.

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:30:13 -0400

Republican NC Senate candidates meet in debate

(AP) The front runner in the race for North Carolina's Republican U.S. Senate nomination is trying to keep his message on his own record and working to defeat Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan in November, rather than attacking his leading GOP rivals.

Thom Tillis, the state House speaker, largely shrugged off criticism about aspects of his legislative record from one of the three other candidates participating in their first television debate held two weeks before the May 6 primary. Tillis focused instead Tuesday night on what Republicans in Raleigh had accomplished since becoming the majority party under his leadership, and how he wanted to do the same in a U.S. Senate majority.

"I led a conservative revolution in Raleigh that the liberals don't like but conservatives like a lot," Tillis said at the close of the hour-long debate at Davidson College, adding that Hagan is out of touch by voting too similarly with Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid: "She needs to be sent home."

The debate was the first of three in less than a week. A half-hour debate by the same four candidates — Tillis, obstetrician Greg Brannon, Baptist minister Mark Harris and family nurse practitioner Heather Grant — was scheduled for Wednesday evening at a Raleigh TV studio. In-person early voting begins Thursday.

On Tuesday, Brannon criticized Tillis for his record on the health care overhaul and national education standards. But Tillis defended himself and later criticized Brannon on a gun rights question.

Grant and Harris stayed clear of harsh words and generally agreed with the other two on supporting repeal of the health care overhaul, questioning the wisdom of raising the federal minimum wage and eliminating federal agencies. Brannon, a tea party favorite who counts U.S. Sen. Rand Paul among his endorsements, added the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service to the list, citing portions of the U.S. Constitution that leave power to the states.

"That's what we've got to get back to ... individual sovereignty, state sovereignty," Brannon said.

Harris, the former president of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, suggested ethical principles should stand tallest for voters when picking a nominee.

"You can have all the money, you can have all the experience, you can have all the knowledge of the Constitution and whatever," Harris said. "But if you don't have character, what do you really have?"

Grant, who served as an Army nurse until 2012, said she's running to encourage other like-minded leaders in the future. "We need to work with those who come behind us and grow our conservative so that we never wind up exactly where we are now," she said.

Eight candidates in all are running in the GOP primary. Tillis is the favorite of GOP congressional leaders and leading fundraiser in the primary, which requires the leading vote-getter to receive more than 40 percent to avoid a mid-July runoff.

Hagan and national Democrats have criticized Tillis in recent commercials. Tillis has accused them of trying to meddle in the GOP primary by attempting to weaken his candidacy.

Hagan faces her own primary next month against two little-known opponents. Her campaign spent Tuesday night sending out emails, mostly criticizing Tillis. In a release, the campaign said the debate showed "they all support a fringe agenda that is bad for middle class families and out of touch with North Carolina's commonsense values."

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 06:46:34 -0400

Oops! NYPD Twitter hashtag backfires

The New York Police Department dealt with a social media emergency Tuesday after a well-intentioned hashtag backfired in an epic way. 

It's simple enough: This tweet from the NYPD's official Twitter account encouraged users to tweet photos of themselves with New York's finest using #myNYPD.

What followed was a day-long coup d'Twitter as users hijacked the hashtag and posted unflattering photos of New York police. 

Some pictures were more ironic, like this photo of officers standing next to an ad that reads, "We're not for everyone. Just the 1% that matters." (Via Twitter / @TheRealKeori)

Other pictures were more comedic, like this officer frisking a suspicious looking pup. (Via Twitter / @BananaKarenina)

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But the tone was mostly grim as Twitter users tweeted picture after picture of police brutality, some more graphic than others. (Via Twitter / @Scizyr@OLAASM@OccupyWallStNYC)

Nearly 10 hours after the NYPD launched its doomed Twitter campaign, #myNYPD was still trending in the U.S. 

A writer at Gawker called the hashtag fail "predictable" while a Quartz headline read, "The NYPD just figured out the perfect way to publicize its own worst moments." 

So, what went wrong? How did this whole share-your-NYPD-photos thing turn on its head so quickly? 

According to CNN, the NYPD said in a statement it was "creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community.  Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city."

The New York Times reports the NYPD enjoyed some success in 2012 with a viral image of an officer giving a homeless man a pair of boots, but adds that today's lesson is "Be Careful What You Tweet For." 

At least one user offered up a simple explanation for the failure, saying "Like, seriously guys. It's the Internet." (Via Twitter / @MattMarkiewicz)

The New York Times added that the department is not deterred, despite today's #myNYPD offerings. Spokesman Stephen Davis told The Times, "You take the good with the bad." 

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 06:43:06 -0400

Michaels: Charlotte area stores affected by data breach

Channel 9 has discovered that most Michaels stores in and around the Charlotte area were affected by the latest data breach.

The company says three million customers nationwide are involved, saying their credit and debit card numbers were stolen.

Names and personal identification numbers and addresses were not affected.

The biggest impact is in the Charlotte area, as hackers stole from all ten local stores.

Michaels says the incident is under control and the malware no longer exists in its systems.

The company says it has received only a few reports of fraudulent activity and are offering customers free credit monitoring for a year.

Check out the complete list of affected stores and dates of exposure here.

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 05:19:06 -0400

You won't believe what America's funniest city is


That’s right, the home of the Cubs, Da Bears, and the place where Second City was born is at the top of the charts.

The criterion was put together by the University of Colorado. Let’s be honest: Since the legalization of marijuana, they probably laugh at anything, but stick with me and we’ll see how they came to the conclusion.

The school's Humor Research Lab developed a formula that considered the following:

  • number of famous comedians born there
  • number of comedy clubs and comedy radio stations
  • number of "funny tweeters" living there
  • ratings of local audiences by traveling comedians
  • frequency of visits to comedy websites and comedy-related Web searches by residents

"We found humor often has a local flavor," lead researcher Peter McGraw told The Chicago Tribune.

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The work says it’s that local flavor that leads those who live in the Windy City to poke fun at themselves.

"The jokes that Chicagoans do tend to tell often feature deadpan and quick-witted humor, much of it directed at the foibles and frustrations of living in Chicago," the study states.

"They prefer to mine observational humor from the situations in which they find themselves. Such remarks seem to fit with the city’s professional comedy scene, since the city is known as a mecca for improv and stand-up."

Finishing out the top five were Boston; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; and Portland.

More here, including the rest of the Top 10. 

Published: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 02:59:36 -0400

Fire breaks out inside west Charlotte home

Firefighters are working to find out what started a fire at home in west Charlotte late Tuesday night.

The flames broke out at the home on Morton Street just after 10 p.m., damaging the inside of the house.

Firefighters told Channel 9 that nobody was home when the fire started.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 23:18:11 -0400

Man hit by suspected drunk driver describes crash

A man hit by a suspected drunk driver talked to Eyewitness News Tuesday night hours after leaving the hospital.
Troopers said a suspected drunk driver crossed the center line on St. Paul Church Road causing the crash.
Chris Brown detailed every second that he can remember about that terrifying crash and why he believes it could happen to someone else.

“When the truck was on fire, that's where it burned me there,” Brown said.
Doctors said he will have a long recovery.

"They said it'd be up to a year before I'd be able to do anything normal," he said.
Brown said he was heading home from bowling with his brother Saturday afternoon in Salisbury when he saw a truck headed right for them.
"We ended up off into the ditch, and the first thing I said after that, was I asked if my brother was OK and then I realized that I was pinned," he said.
Brown remembers being stuck in this wreckage and troopers said Mark Carter was driving drunk when he crossed the center line.
Crews had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue him.
Investigators later revealed Carter should have never been behind the wheel on weekends because troopers said his license was suspended due to a prior DWI conviction.

"It makes me very angry to start with, but then also, makes me think there should be a lot harsher punishments for DUIs," he said.
Brown had to undergo emergency surgery on his hip and now he is worried about being out of work and supporting his family.
"Now, they have to be the ones to help me and I've always been the one to help them. Now I can't do that because of this guy," he said.
Carter remains in the hospital Tuesday night.
Investigators said the state may seize his truck because it marks his second DWI offense.
Troopers also said he faces jail time and his license could be suspended for an additional four years.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 23:06:13 -0400

Truck slams into southeast Charlotte apartment building

The Red Cross is helping three families who were forced out of their apartments after a truck crashed into the building's stairway Tuesday night in southeast Charlotte.

The crash happened at an apartment complex off Teal Point Drive.

Police said no one was hurt.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash.

No charges have been filed.

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Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:31:31 -0400

Blind man robbed after throat slashed

A 65-year-old blind man is shaken after someone he was trying to cloth and feed robbed him and slashed his throat.

“It's just something I feel like doing. If I can help somebody reach out,” Steven Caldwell said.  

Helping others is exactly what Caldwell was doing Sunday evening when he came face-to-face with two men who attacked and robbed him inside his home.

Caldwell, who's legally blind, said he knew one of the men, David Simmons, and helped the homeless man in the past.

But he said on Sunday, Simmons and another man showed up at his home demanding $40 in cash.

“He told me I better do that or he's going to hurt me,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell refused and instead, offered the men food and a place to stay for the night. 

He said that's when the situation turned ugly.

“He grabbed me by my throat and just held me around the neck,” Caldwell said. “I felt that when I gave him what they wanted they would go away.”

One of the suspects slashed Caldwell's neck with a knife and stole $100, his cellphone and even his Dictaphone that he uses to communicate with people.

Both suspects ran away but police caught Simmons at a nearby bus stop.

Caldwell was treated for lacerations to his neck but he said the attack won't stop him from helping others.

“The Lord takes care of you one way or another,” Caldwell said.

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Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 21:41:35 -0400

Police: Man assaulted several patrons at Concord Mills

Concord police responded to reports of an assault and acts of property damage at Concord Mills mall Tuesday afternoon.

According to a release from the Concord Police Department, officers discovered a man had assaulted several people with his fists and had broken a display case inside of one of the stores.

The offender also attempted to steal a vehicle from a motorist in the parking lot but was unsuccessful.

Responding officers took David Simpson, 32, into custody in the parking lot outside of the mall.

All victims received only minor injuries. The release also said officers believe it was a random act.

According to the release, officers cannot determine the motive for Simpson’s actions.

Police said Simpson was charged with felony possession of cocaine, attempted common law robbery, two counts of assault on a female, simple assault, resist, obstruct and delay an officer, property damage and disorderly conduct.

Simpson was also served outstanding misdemeanor warrants from Rowan County for disorderly conduct and resist, obstruct and delay an officer. The release said he was being transported to the Cabarrus County Jail.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 20:15:46 -0400

Viral video: Massive 805-lb. world record mako shark caught

It took the cousins more than an hour to land the monster mako.

A picture of them putting gas in their truck with the huge fish in the back has gone viral on the Internet. Keep in mind that mako sharks are typically aggresive and are the fastest shark in the ocean, swimming at 60mph in short bursts.

Earnie and Joey Polk are no strangers to catching big sharks. In 2010, Earnie landed a then world record 928-pound Tiger shark. 

Only a month later, Joey topped that when he caught a tiger shark measuring just under 13 feet and weighing nearly 950 pounds. 

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The guys usually tag the predators and then release them for NOAA. This specimen they kept, just for the bragging rights. 

Oh, and the meat. 

Earnie told the Pensacola News Journal he did the homework required to use the fish for food. 

The cousins expect to harvest 600 pounds of shark meat for lucky friends and family. 

“It's a $10 per pound fish at the fish market... It sells right along with tuna and swordfish," he beamed.

"Between all of us, there won't be a bit of it wasted." 

The two won’t tell exactly where they caught the granddaddy shark; they say that’s a professional secret. 

More here.   

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:50:20 -0400

Police: Audi hit other cars, mailboxes before final crash

A major road in Matthews was closed for hours Tuesday night after a serious wreck. It happened in the 11200 block of Idlewild Road near Plentywood Drive in Matthews, according to police.

Two people were transported to the CMC-Main with life-threatening injuries, according to emergency crews. One was airlifted by helicopter.

Matthews police told Channel 9 that a red Audi involved hit other cars and mailboxes before the final accident that happened at about 6:30 p.m.

Police said they are investigating three other crash scenes in connection with the Idlewild Road crash.

“We received several calls in between all this happening we were dispatching units to see what was going on, catch up with him,” said Tim Aycock with the Matthews Police Department.

People described the chaotic scene.

“When we got down here the red car was smoking,” said Joe Payne, a witness. “One of the neighbors grabbed a fire extinguisher from somewhere.”
That neighbor was Chad Brown. He and his son were home and heard the crash happen in their front yard.
“It sounded like a bomb going off,” Brown said.

The road reopened at 10:30 p.m.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:27:00 -0400

CMPD cold case unit seeks funding for rape cases

The victim of a serial rapist in Charlotte is sharing emotional details about the crime and the group of investigators that finally brought her justice.
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Cold Case Unit has reviewed more than 2,000 cases and cleared about 150, but the unit is still looking for its next grant.

And now, a victim they helped is hoping to help them find the money to keep going.

She waited more than 30 years before the cold case unit found the man who attacked her and she told an Eyewitness News reporter Tuesday how they gave her life back.

“You fear every day,” Amy Outen said.

Outen wondered if the fear would ever end and if police would ever find the man in the ski mask who attacked her.

“After about a year, I realized nothing's going to happen. They're not going to find him,” Outen said. “34 years later, I got a business card on my door from the cold case unit in Charlotte.”

At the time, Outen didn't know there was a cold case unit but she learned that they used DNA to identify Jerry Lee Brooks as the man who attacked her and two other women.

Detectives said there could be more victims and as part of a plea deal, Brooks agreed to give the names to about five other women he raped.

Outen said the cold case rape unit is changing lives, doing justice and saving lives.

She said the fact that they're still trying to find funding doesn't make sense.

“How are you going to fund other programs and not fund the cold case unit that is saving people's lives? That is helping people?” Outen said.

The police department has decided to fund the cold case unit until it can get another grant, but any new grant will probably be smaller than the one it had. That means the department will have to find the money to make up the difference.

Brooks was sentenced to life in prison but because he was sentenced under the law in place in 1979, he will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

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Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:49:45 -0400

New group to help CMS analyze district violence, discipline

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District will receive a new report about the violence and discipline problems inside area schools.

Eyewitness News reporter Paige Hansen learned from school leaders that how the data is analyzed and who looks through the numbers is new.

The board will hear about a report on district discipline data, which is required by the state.

Districts must report the number of weapon, drug and assault incidents that happen on school grounds. They must also report behavior issues.

This year the district asked the Council for Children’s Rights to analyze that information and tell them what the data means.

“The behavior of our students is affected by a variety of issues, some of which are specific to our schools, many of which our students bring with them,” said Eric Davis, a CMS Board Member.

Tuesday night will be an opportunity for the board and district leaders to weigh in on the issue, ask questions and figure out what kind of training and support should be provided.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:44:40 -0400

Health care provider employees victims of ID theft after data breach

Dozens of local health care employees have fallen victim to identity theft after a massive data breach last year.

The Iredell County Sheriff's Office is investigating close to 80 different fraud reports from Piedmont Healthcare employees and people who applied for jobs at the health care provider.

Investigators said many workers discovered their Social Security numbers had been stolen when they tried to file their taxes this spring.

"It took me by surprise. It's happened to three people in our office and there's only nine employees," said Piedmont medical assistant Misty Honeycutt.

Last spring, Piedmont officials notified all 750 employees that the company's former website hosting company, E-Dreamz, had its servers breached by a hacker.

At the time, company officials estimated up to 10,000 people were at risk for having their information stolen.

But Channel 9 learned while all Piedmont employees were notified about the initial data breach, only a fraction of the workers knew about the rash of identity theft cases that emerged in the past few months.

Eyewitness News obtained an internal email dated March 12, 2014, sent from Piedmont CFO Greg Guin to email groups titled "PHYSICIANS" and "OFFICE MANAGERS." notifying them of the tax fraud issue.

Tuesday afternoon, Guin confirmed to Channel 9 he did not notify all 750 employees, but said he was working through the hierarchy of the company and expected any affected lower-level employees to address their superiors about the issue.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:32:18 -0400

Police charge 4 after drug investigation at barbecue restaurant

On Tuesday, the Gaston County Police Department Special Investigations Unit charged four people following a drug conspiracy investigation that began in Nov. 2013.
Three of them were arrested at work Tuesday at Smokey's Barbeque on Lower Dallas Highway in Dallas.
Restaurant owner Donnie Wooten held his head down while restaurant cook Michael Huffman and employee Tausha Mixon looked at Channel 9’s cameras when they faced a magistrate Tuesday night. They are facing dozens of drug-related charges.
Police are looking for a fourth person, Jessica Plummer, in connection to this investigation.

They believe she may be out of state.
Smokey's is a carry-out only restaurant and it advertises curb-side service for customers who have placed orders. But undercover officers said they learned it wasn't just food the restaurant was selling.
Police started doing undercover buys back in November. Channel 9 obtained court records documenting seven buys starting on Dec. 5 to Jan. 23.
Investigators said they bought more than 30 pounds of marijuana at the restaurant, worth about $137,000.
The restaurant is right across the street from a church day care center.
Some teachers were angry when they learned about the investigation involving marijuana being manufactured and sold just yards away from children.
"They have no right doing this, for the children's sake or theirs," said teacher Tiffany Kline.
Kline said she always felt something strange was going on at Smokey's Barbeque. She said she never went there because she felt suspicious about the clientele.
"When I did see cars there, it was mainly teenagers running around the place, not really adults," said Kline.

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:15:32 -0400

Employees tied up, pistol-whipped and robbed at work

Employees at a Charlotte tire shop were terrorized, pistol-whipped and then robbed at the end of their work day Monday night.

It happened at Andino's Tire Services on Arrowood Road and South Tryon Street in Charlottte. 

"I'm a little scared right now," said the owner, Antonio Nunez-Gonzales, a victim of the robbery.

He spent Tuesday recovering from the incident.  He said a masked man walked into the store with a gun and used zip ties to fasten him and an employee to office chairs.

"He take all my money and he hit me in the head me and my friend," he said.

He said the robber pistol-whipped him and a friend leaving them both with gashes to the head.  They were both rushed to the hospital.

"I was scared, because one of my friends called me on the phone and said ‘Hey, what happened at your shop?’ I said, ‘What? I don't know, I'm home,’" said Sulivan Cruz, the wife of Nunez-Gonzales.

She said the entire incident was captured on video, but CMPD wouldn't release it Tuesday.

Officer said they're looking for information that will lead to an arrest.  They want anyone who can help to call CMPD. 

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:14:41 -0400

Police chief suspended after being pulled over in unmarked patrol car

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office says they did not offer any special treatment to a local police chief after he was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.
Mt. Gilead Police Chief Cleve Willoughby and an officer were pulled over on Highway 49 in Harrisburg on March 31 after another driver called 911 and reported seeing their car driving erratically.
On Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office released that 911 call and the deputy's report showing that Willoughby told deputies they had stopped for lunch and had a couple of beers. A field sobriety test showed Willoughby's blood alcohol level was .05 -- below the legal limit of .08.                               

The report says the deputy would not let Willoughby drive back to Mt Gilead, instead allowing him to arrange for someone else to pick him and the officer up.
"I told him to handle it like he would any other person," Chief Deputy Paul Hunt told Eyewitness News.  Hunt said they often let drivers who had something to drink but who aren't legally impaired find another way home.
But an attorney who handles a lot of DWI cases told Eyewitness News that the case does raise some questions.
"You're supposed to do a series of other tests and I'd want to know a little bit more about that," said Bill Powers.
Powers said that officers can arrest someone for DWI even if they don't have a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher, and any time an officer is pulled over it raises questions.               
"I don't think a police officer should expect better treatment because the officer wears a gun (and) a badge. But nor do I think an officer should expect worse treatment," Powers said.
Willoughby has been suspended while the town of Mt Gilead does an internal investigation.

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Police chief suspended, accused of driving town-owned vehicle after drinking

Published: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 16:53:57 -0400